Saga of 5N1

Sometime I get very excited and happy and I jump to fast ahead of my self hahaha!!

This month next book

5N1 1st ADVENTURE  – is the next book that will be published this month.

5N1 CODED DOORS – I just started working on yesterday.

I originally said 5N1 CODED DOORS would be next, but actually 5N1 FIRST ADVENTURE will be out this month.

Saga –

The Universe Is Calling You – The adventure of a soul that discovers an angel and sent on a mission to planet Shawaytu.  Soul is in 3 funnels and has to choose which funnel will be the planet Shawaytu.

5N1 FIRST FLIGHT – The soul is transformed into a spirit named Shawanaisha and born on planet #3 Shawaytu.

5N1 1st ADVENTURE – Frixie and Traessence leave planet #8 Sphendra, so that Traessence can help his family.  But, their course was changed when they were sucked in by Collision Course.

Side note – I just signed with a company yesterday and my music label 5N1 FRACTALIOUS WORLD will be in music stores world wide.