We (Self) quite the mind and live in silence.  We (Self) live in the void. We (Self) learn ones’ own truth within the silence.  The silence of being is that we are love.  To be love is to live in the inner sanctuary of inner peace and tranquility within ones’ own being.
Transcend the Transparencies of Cosmic Consciousness.
Holographical Umbilical Cord – in between the between is the core of being.  The core is the void – the core is the silence – the core is truth.
I sketched and painted by hand – Holographical Umbilical Cord (2012).
Holographical Umbilical Cord – flying heart that contains 7 charkras that illuminate 7 auric colors, attached with fractals/funnels to the matrix.
4 bodies of being – mental body/physical body/emotional body/spirit body.
4 bodies of being = core of being (self).
To teach that love is awareness and learn that love is feeling – Gemini
I teach awareness through enlightenment by opening doors within the subconscious mind in the lower primordial being in self.
Self is everything and all is one.   When you have found self you have found love, because you are love.
I teach through Indie Books (literature) , Indie Musicals – music videos (music), and Indie Art (art).
Knowledge is power, it is your power you (self) carry through you (self) in all life times.  In the core of being you (self) reconnect to the mind/body/emotion/spirit into 1 love…..self-love.
To discover you that you have forgotten, is an adventure each and everyday.  To discover self that self has forgotten self, is an adventure each and everyday.
To relearn who you are that you have forgotten you.  To relearn who self is that self has forgotten self.
Replace we, you, them, us and any other word that separates you from them – replace with the word self.  Then the road to re-connection in pure love begins.
In between unconditional love and conditional love (human love) is pure love.
Find you today and you find love.
Everyday is a blessing 🙂 🙂