Everything comes in 3’s

Everything comes in 3’s

There are many methods and schools of thought to the number 3.

One school of thought is 1 + 2 = 3.

1) knowing what you want. 2) path taken to receive what you want. 3) end result of what you wanted.

#2 – would be the specifics of what you wanted.

#3 – the end result would be determined by energy as to how you received what you wanted.  Depending upon the planning of specific’s of #2, as to how you receive end result.

For example – you want a new car. Then you get a new car. But, guess what if you were not specific on the details of how to obtain the car (obtaining would be #2 above), then you get little surprises.  Maybe a dead battery next day, or nail in tire, or ????.  The more specific on how to obtain that car less likely chances of a lesson is taught to you from energy.

In the last 3 days I have heard the word alien on many occasions.  Someone told me today it is alien awareness day.  I laughed!! Really, un-real hahaha!!  Sorry, but for me that is too funny!!!

Because, anyone that is aware and open-minded already knows the truth.  There is no such things as aliens, because we are the aliens.  Learn your human history, learn your earth history, and the answers all there that you seek.

I have said for many years, that humans are the aliens.

Anyone that is of closed mind, is then living in the land of fear.  To fear is but fear it’s self.  Which is the 1st chakra of the primordial body of being in the reptilian state of being – To eat or be eaten.

To carry in each life time any type of karmic baggage is weight of tough love lessons.  It is tough learning how to love your self and it is the hardest lesson to learn in each life time.  If you do not learn your lessons in each life time, guess what!!  You get to play the game again in the next life.

Learn what is your purpose, because everything has a purpose in each life time.

Cool thing is I learned what my purpose in this life time many, many moons ago.  That is when I started doing soul lesson charts for friends and family.  I have done over 60 charts to date.  When I retire I will have a chart of 200 years.  So when clients come to me, they will receive their soul lesson chart of what their purpose is in this life time.  So they don’t need to come back and play the same game again.  They will get to play a new game in the next level of their soul path.

The love lessons come from energy.  This is universal energy in cosmic consciousness.

Man – yang – conflict – 3

Female – yin – love – 6

Left side of the physical body female.

Right side of the physical body male.

Depending upon which side of the physical body you keep energy contained, you will then receive blockages.  Which then creates Karmic baggage – Karmic debt.

The signs (symbology) and methods (metaphors) come from nature (natural world of energy).  Pay attention to the signs from energy.  It is your clues, to your path, in your destiny, in your purpose.

IN – in 3D 3rd dimension, in the moment, in the emotion.

OF – above 3D 3rd dimension, above the moment, above the emotion.