I am in the process of writing 5N1 – Coded Doors.

I am in the process of writing 5N1 – Coded Doors.

While researching metrics to convert inches into metric measurements, I came across this article.


Basically the series of 5N1 is Shawanaisha’s discovering 11 doors.  Each door is an adventure for one year with each fractal family.  The 11th door is the sacred door at the end of the hallway.  In the very last door is the shape shiftier named, Simwatu.  Simwatu shape shifts 13 times in order to teleport/transport into another dimension and takes Shawanaisha with him.

The number 11 and 22 are sacred numbers in the world of world mythology in 3D 3rd dimension.

11 doors + Simwatu and Shawanaisha (2) = 13.



The metric measurements are for the size of Frixie and other characters and scenes in the books 5N1.  Dimensions are extremely important when explaining the layout of objects in other dimension.  It’s kinda like reading a blue print, but in a different language.