There is a time limit to everything in life.

There is a time limit to everything in life.

It takes 2 weeks before your mind begins to stop resisting change.  It takes 3 months before your habits become a behavioral pattern – second nature.  It takes 6 months for the pattern to become a life style.

To change a behavioral pattern takes time, same as it took time to create that behavioral pattern.

There are certain behavioral patterns humans choose to adapt/adopt due to the environment inside or out.  These patterns are then formed, which are then created to replace something.  These patterns are then chosen due to adaption/adoption, which in turn create substance as a replacement for something that is missing or lack of something.

Then the world will call it a substance abuse when it is too much.  This is verbage – verbal garbage.  Simply because humans have mis-understanding of lack in their lives.  There is a whole that needs to be filled.  Humans will try anything to fill that need that is lacking.  They will choose too much of anything in life.  After awhile that need is still not filled.  So they choose to do more of it or they choose something else to fill that need.

As the world becomes more intelligent in man-made concepts they lose touch of human needs. And, thus separation begins.  Human needs are left by the way side as the need for more grows in substance.

Same as too little in any substance will still leave the human needs by the way side.

For example – Food

When the wires in the brain due to chemical compounds have mis-crossed have begun, an eating pattern has begun.

Everyone that knows me personally knows I will research something for years, till I find the root of how something began. To start from root and watch and learn from a pattern that has been consumed by a thought pattern, brings light of information to the table so to speak.

Any man-made product has a price.  Cheap nutrition when young is high medical when old.  High nutrition when young is low medical when old.

I do not get into much detail on this site.  Simply because this site is a spiritual gathering place.

I have formulated a business for about 3 years now called – gets more into health.  In 2015 I will have a website called  That site will contain more details about physical nutrition.

I formulated in 2012 3 businesses.  1) 2) 3)

As of present time I have mostly been working with

Knowledge is knowledge brought over from past life times into present life time.  Intellect is learned behavioral patterns in present life time.

To fill a whole with any type of substance, is trying to fill the whole that is lack of.  The lack of  is the lack of love.  The love that one gives to one’s own self.  Through the 4 bodies of being in connection will then fill that lack of love.

To love self is to understand pure love.