From time to time it is time for change.

From time to time it is time for change.

I find that to change is a matter of choice.  To change is to go with the flow of energy.  To resist change is to stop the flow of energy.

Energy comes from the universe, then recycles back to the universe.

Reiki – life force energy.  A reiki practitioner is a conduit.  The Reiki Practitioner places their hands on the human body, or a plant, or anything they feel needs healed.

When the practitioner places hands on object, the energy comes from the universe, through the practitioner, through the object.  Pulls the toxin out, which then travels back through the practitioner, and back into the universe.

It is a cycle of energy.  From the universe and back into the universe.

Chinese word for energy is Chi.

To flow with Chi is yin Female (love) – 6.  To stop flow of Chi is yang Male (conflict) – 3.

The left side of your body is yin and the right side of your body is yang.

The palm of your hands is the back of your body.  The top of your hands is the front of your body.

To massage (release toxins) through the hands and feet is called reflexology.

The tips of your fingers is your head, from front to back.  A practitioner will know the pressure points to release toxins from hands and feet.

I am not a medical doctor and never want to be one in this life time, it is a waste of my time.  I am an alternative non-drug practitioner.

Humans create toxins within their own selves.  When any body part is weak and toxins come into the sphere of the auric zone, the toxins will seep in through the funnels (chakras).  Toxins are tangible and non-tangible, depending upon which energy was created, where, and what is needed.

The energy is created in many dimensions.  It is only through the form of a lesson, that a particular energy comes to that particular person.

When pure love is lacking in any sphere of any human species, that energy that is the opposite of desire will then enter the human species life, in each life time.

This is called tough love in a love wave.  You will not find this in any scripture.