Debts and Credits

Debts and Credits

Sometimes I must be forgiven, because I forget not everyone has had 40 years of research under their belt.

Karmic debts and credits, it has occurred to me that not everyone understands its’ true meaning.

Some believe and some do not.  When a person does not believe in something, it is because 1) they have been conditioned to a thought pattern, 2) to dis-believe is to mis-understand something, 3) to dis-believe is to be afraid of another type of truth, 4) the list goes on and on!!

Karmic debts and karmic credit live in many different types of world religions.  Karmic debts and credits are not in other life times after this life time.  Debts and credits are created in this life time and collected in this life time, and used in this life time.

Karmic debts and credits are the opposite of the lessons to learn in this life time.  When you do good you create karmic credit in this life time.  When you do bad you create karmic debt in this life time.

For example – someone cuts you off on the freeway and you have a bad thought about that person.  Guess what in this life time – example you find a great parking place and you snag it.  Then up out of the blue someone starts having bad thoughts about you, because you just stole their parking place.  So then you created Karmic debt, because you started the ball rolling with a bad thought.

That is how karmic debts and credits work in this life time.  Not previous life times nor future life times.

There is no such thing as yesterday nor tomorrow, it is only today that counts in present moment.

Choose your thoughts.  Choose wisely.