Energy is between thought and action

Energy is between thought and action.

Go in between the between to core of being, it is thus riding the love wave of energy.

Energy lives in everything.  Energy is the tip of 4d 4th dimension.  It is the intangibles, the particles, that can only be seen with 3rd eye chakra, or by a psychic, or anyone that carries natural gifts from birth from past lives.

Energy is presented in color.  It is the creation of vibrations that vibrate within rhythmic rhythms that create tones.  The tones are presented in color.  That creation is a creation from your mind within higher self, that sends love waves of tones in color.  The colors are the color spectrum from in between the spaces.  The vibrations are infinite, the colors are infinite, the spaces are infinite, and pure love is infinite.

There are 3 kinds of love in 3d 3rd dimension. 1) conditional love (man-made concepts), 2) unconditional love (man-made concepts), and 3) pure love – is in between the between the spaces.

Infinity is energy and energy is infinity.  You create the energy, you create the spaces, you create the vibrational vibrations, and you create the levels of love that you want in the form of a love lesson from the universe.

What love wave do you desire in the form of a lesson from the universe?

Choose wisely.