Pen Recorder

Well I have been told, that if you really want something you have to share.

All last year I wanted a pen recorder. You can get them on amazon.  They are not much $, but $ is not the point.  The point is, if the object of desire is to come to me, it comes from the universe, because it is something I am meant to have.

I did not tell anyone I wanted one.  I never expected a person to give one.  I was just testing the waters to see if it would just appear, like on my front door or something, hahaha.

1 + 2 = 3. 1)knowing what you want, 2)path traveled to get what you want, 3)end result of what you wanted.  You always get what you want, but not how you wanted it, because you really did not know what you wanted.  You did not know what you really wanted – meaning must be specific.  It’s a lot of work mentally thinking of all the details on a particular desire.

The reason to want a pen recorder, is because when I mow most of my thoughts come in waves of speed.  The humming of the engine puts me into a state of meditation.  The mower takes 2 car batteries, so it is a big engine.  The mower is a Jacobsen HR9000 series.

Speed is essential when mowing acres.  I want to be the first female national gang mower racer!!! hahaha!!!  I am so ready.  Some of the teachers say they want to clock my speed, hahaha!!!  I get in trouble for speeding at work, hahaha!  Crack up the turbo please 😉