Another Fun Filled Fine Fantastic day!!!

Another Fun Filled Fine Fantastic day!!!

Seems as though people some times choose particular words to convey a message to others. Sometimes people get stuck on those words.

Seems as though the F bomb has really taken over in certain vocabulary.  I find that getting stuck on a particular word creates a stuck mind, a stuck way of thinking, which creates a stuck lifestyle.

Instead of the F bomb, I find other F words to change the vocabulary, which changes attitude, which changes thought pattern……

I do say Friggn, or freak this or that.  For example – Friggn machine won’t start!! or Freak, did that just really happen, unbelievable!! or Did you just Freakn see that!!! hahaha

Instead of saying I don’t like this or that, I say I prefer this over that.

One of my co-workers the other day said, “you have turrets, with the word really.”  I never noticed till he said it.

The word really can be used in so many different context, it is amazing!!  Instead of thinking negative or saying negative thoughts I use the word really, in it’s place.

My favorite is – Really unbelievable!! as I shake my head back and forth, wondering how some people actually make it through life sometimes, because they forgot to use their brains.  And then I laugh!!!

I find that people are very hilarious, when they forget to use their brains!!!  Like when people go to the store and leave their product on top of the car, then drive away.  I just shake my head and say, oh my goodness, really!! really!! hahaha

Find new words instead of the F bomb!!