A sense of humor

A certain type of energy pops up and it is a sign of change.  This energy comes from nature which is the universe.  Nature is the element of natural.  Natural comes from the energies that contain past, present and future life of each species on planet earth in 3d 3rd dimension.

For example – Where does a sense of humor come from?  2 studies show it is natural, you are born with it.


Okay now flip the switch back (frame of mind).  Carl Jung was the understudy of Sigmund Freud.  Freud famous world known German psychologist was very well-known for his pyramid.  He is the forefather of mapping out the brain in psychology.


Carl Jung a colleague of Freud, stated there is more to the human personality.  He then coined the concept – Archetype.  The archetype is the negative side of self.  It is moments in time where a person is stuck emotionally in moments of childhood.  That is why we have so many people today, that are still children in adult bodies.  They have not learned to emotional move on.  That creates blockage, which is a form of toxin.


Okay now jump forward from past, to present, and to future.  To change a human behavioral pattern that one has created for their own self, is through changing frame of thought.  A negative personality is an introvert – what the world has done to me.  A positive personality is an extrovert – what I have done to the world.

To change thought pattern is to understand how it began and where it came from, what is the root core of a particular energy?

World astrology is kind of like a predetermine personality in 3D 3rd dimension.  It’s like a blue print of energy.  It is your purpose from one dimension to the next.

For example – I am a Gemini.  Purpose to teach that love is awareness and to learn that love is feeling.  Tough love teaches and we learn from tough love.  It is a predisposed connection of collective energies.

For example – There are 4 astrology signs in western astrology.  Each element has 3 different astrology signs, the upper, the lower, and the middle.  Same as Freud’s pyramid, but on a different level in a different dimension.

This is only one example of the infinite possibilities in correlation to sense of humor.  It is a predetermined gene brought into this life time, through a pre-contract.  Pre-contracts are contracts between souls.  When a soul is transformed (reincarnated) into a spirit, it will then play out in the game of life the lessons to learn and to teach, in 3D 3rd dimension.