2 new video’s on youtube

It takes time for progress.

It never crossed my mind, that yes I wanted to be a writer, but I was not sure what kind to be.  A few years ago while researching colleges, I finally found the one I wanted to attend.

I published my first book in 2012, received my PhD in 2013, and published my second book.

I discovered the path of writing on my own.  I have no heroes that showed me the path.  I have no guides except for my own spirit guide.  I have no teachers except I am my own teacher.

What makes it truly exciting is the adventure that everyday brings.

After publishing my book, The Universe Is Calling You, I just wanted to see if I could actually do it.  After that, it is like a whole new world out there to discover the endless possibilities.

I need to write and publish a ton of books.  My goal since I was 12 years old was to win a Nobel literature prize.  To me to win, would be the biggest epic of my life.  The kicker is I never went to high school, but when I turned 18 years old, I basically did 20 years of college.  So much too learn!!!

It really is a mile stone when they tell you, that you have dyslexia and need to go to speed reading class in 5th grade.  So, in my mind I thought you want it, you got it.  Now I speed read, talk fast, eat fast, think fast, you name I’m fast in many aspects of life.  People now say slow down.  They can’t keep up when I talk.  I get a lot of blank stares, simply because their brains can not process as fast as the information I give them.

Jumping up to speed.  Last year I made my first music mix.  It is for scenes in the book.  Then I made it into a video.  Each scene will have music.  It is a children’s pop-up book and music will play.

First ebook, then music, then video, then audio, then motionbook. and then print pop up, then who knows I’m not that far yet.  Super cool, I never took an art lesson nor music lesson in my life!!

I am working on both books at the same time.

The whole point of the books is to touch the hearts of children around the world.

Thank you

Blessings to you