Children in adult bodies

Seems as though for some very odd reason, people that are unhappy choose to dwell in unhappiness. They enjoy spreading around unhappiness, for some unknown reason, that makes no sense to me what so ever.

They discover someone that is happy and they seem to want to bring them down to their level.  I know it is their ego that they are letting in charge.  Which of course we know that is the 2 year old mentality!!!.  As I said awhile back.  There are way too many children in adult bodies running around on earth.

For some very odd reason, it seems that someone has way too much time on their hands, and seems to want to hack my accounts.  Now really what is the point of that.  if they do it just shows me there are even less adults in the world that what I had thought.

It is really sad to think that someone chooses to hurt a person that is only writing a children’s book to bring smiles to children’s hearts.

Key – I don’t really have to do it, but I choose to.  Seems as though that person is very cold hearted and has totally forgotten what love is.

All children are taught in school – do unto others as you would have done unto you.