Truth is when connection of self in core of being is 1.

Core of being – Mental body, physical body, emotional body, and spiritual body.

All 4 bodies of being have to be in synchronicity as 1 on earths physical plane of existence.

Connection from core of being to cosmic consciousness on a parallel dimension of self.

You live in 2 worlds.  If things are going great for you in waking life, then things are going bad for you on a parallel dimension in the astro plane of existence

Connection is from the subconscious to the consciousness to the cosmic consciousness.

It is only the tip of the ice berg in connections of self, past the physical planes of existence and into the astro plane of existence,

The physical and astro planes of existence are as 1 in 3D 3rd dimension in time/space and mass/matter.

Meditation is 1 key to connections with core of being.  But it is only a tip of the ice berg in communication in parallel universes.

Only you can connect you with you.  It is only through self love beyond human conditional love and unconditional love, past the realms.

Everything is a need to know basis.  Timing is when you need to know and the truth will come.

The soul is the teacher to the spirit that is the student.  The spirit is the teacher to the human that is the student.  The mathematical concepts are within the soul that contains the knowledge of connections to truth.

That is  life – life is school – universe is university – self is one with all.

It is now 3:55 am and time to prepare for meditation.