Names are Labels

Names are Labels

When I was young sometimes it made no sense why certain people, places, and things had names.  Sometimes people don’t look like their name.  Sometimes the names of objects really don’t belong to that object.

As I grew older I finally figured out names are labels.  Labels are a person’s way of understanding a particular object.

For example – back in the day when women’s bellies swelled each month bigger and bigger, the family unit worried about the woman.  Until one day she then gave birth to a child, low and behold through language we get the word pregnant.

In everyday life, depending upon how much something impacts a persons life, will that word stick.

I enjoy researching the why’s of things, makes life new everyday.  How something began, what is the point and what is the purpose.  Which can make something extremely fascinating, to know the history of how something began.

Today I am researching the names of suns in world mythology.

The first site i came across was

Names are labels and sometimes labels will alter a person’s perception of something.

Some people believe being pregnant is bringing life.  Others believe being pregnant is a burden.  Still others believe that pregnancy will change a life.

It is basically dependent upon perception, of what is the interaction on a daily basis, as to how something will effect something else.

Pregnancy is just an example.  The name (label) sun is another example.

The sun is part of your everyday existence if you live on land.  However, when you live at the depths of the ocean, such as the sea life, then perception of the sun is different.

Names are labels.  With each passing generation new words take the place of old words, that really mean the same thing, just in a different way of thinking.

Basically, what names or labels do you unconsciously use on a daily basis without thinking about them?

It is a matter of being mindful instead of being mindless, as to what choice you use for names that are labels.