It is New Years day in the time zone of longitude and latitude in America.

2 formulations go into a new years day.

1st is the Gregorian Calendar – man-made concepts of time.  (new school)

2nd is the individuals that charted the stars, to bring explanation of understanding, of the why’s of life.  (old school)

1 + 2 = 3.

1 knowing what you want,

2 path traveled (past – old school) or to travel (new school – future),

3 end result,

End result is new thought.

You always get what you want, but not how you want it, because you didn’t know what you wanted in the first place.

Or You always get what you want, because you knew what you wanted, and you receive it through instant gratification.  Instant gratification is karmic debt and credit.  It is universal law.

Medical science is a baby science and still has much to learn.  The day that old school meets new school is when PSI is understood in medical science as 1.

It is the day science discovers the past life gene in dna.

The only way this will happen is when all the human species uses 100% of the human brain.  Which is open consciousness.

To stay in the belief system of old school and new school is closed mind.

Open mind is a different school of thought.  It is open mind that connects the 4 bodies of being in 1.

Self esteem, self-worth, creates self-love.  Self love is to have open mind – to put away old school and new school in past.

Man-made concepts create chaos in human minds.  Negative creates positive and positive creates negative.  It is in the in-between positive and negative is the door to truth.  Truth is the space in-between positive and negative and it is called energy.

Truth is a different school that will open human minds and discover consciousness, that will connect collective consciousness as 1.

New day, new way, open mind, creates new life, and new life is the dimension all is living in, in present moment.

Closed mind will stifle human progress.  Connection with higher self-will bring up self-esteem and self-worth, which will create self-love.  It is the how to love self.  It is the understanding of self with 100% brain capacity.  It is what humans were meant to understand from the beginning of human history.  But, human ego gets in the way of progress – to keep closed mind closed.

Open mind is learning why a person was created with psi.  There is a reason, there is a purpose to understanding self.

Keep the past in the past, keep the future in the future, understand what present moment means, and you will understand purpose.