Star Lily

Star Lily

The Star Lily comes from the family of Lilium (Genus), they are my favorite flower.

The Star Lily is an air plant.  The air plants are dirt-less, they grow on the side of trees in the rain forest.  Tillandsia and Bromeliad are exotic plants that need special care.

It is always a great idea to know if you or your pets are allergic to plants in your home.

The star lilies uniqueness is the variegation in the plant.  I fell in love with this plant over 20 years ago, when I first started learning about landscaping.

When it comes to any plants in your home, it is about the plants environment that it will grow heathy.  The plants tell you what they need.  It is the zone, the temperature; lighting, location, humidity, watering, fertilizing, and soil mixture or non-soil mixture will determine the life of the plant.

Also, studies do show that the music played in a home will determine growth in a plant.

To Feng Shui your life, what plants will bring joy to your life?