Spiritual Gathering

Each day is a spiritual gathering and this is the place to be.

1spiricallove is a spiritual gathering place for all.

1spiricallove brings awareness in a different awareness.

We have 2 visions. 1st – human eyes, and 2nd – 3rd eye chakra.

We hear with our human ears, but we listen with our whole being.

We taste with the human mouth, but we taste the sensations of life with our whole being.

I have always watched the world through the eyes of a child, felt the emotions of the world, hear the tones of the universe, touch the inspirations of the future, and taste the sensations of life, to awaken consciousness.

Awareness is be of open mind in the higher states of consciousness.

Taking time from doing into the opposite which is being, being human.  To open all senses in order to understand being human in the core of being.

Have you ever learned to taste the sensations of life that is beyond the physical?