Love Waves

Skaville - Bad guy Fractal Family #1

Skaville – Bad guy Fractal Family #1

The Love Waves are the curves and jagged edges called life.

Take a look at a bar graph; the peaks are the jagged edges, just like a thorn attached to a rose.  The curves of a bar graph are like the curves of rose petals.

Same as a heart monitor, the peaks/spikes are the jagged edges, and the curves are the flow.

The jagged edges are the ego; the curves are the flow of life.

It truly is a brand new day because; we get to see the jagged edges and curves that unfold in the love wave.

For the past two months I must have pulled a muscle in my left leg.  I basically can’t walk.  I felt the left side of my body has a cold.  I finally went to the herb store yesterday and got some flu tea.  Flu tea takes away the aches and pains.  I can finally walk today.  You have to take the flu tea every 2 hours for 3 days and then you are back to normal.

I received this pain as a wakeup call.  I experiment from time to time.  I am very hard core active lifestyle that took a break and sat to paint for hours on end.  The result – Atrophy.  Basically you don’t use it you lose it.  I will always try a product before I ever recommend something to anyone.

The balance is between the curves and jagged edges in life are the balance of life.

The balance is to be the teacher and the student to self, only when one knows the knowledge of how to heal, not what to heal.

While healing self must also give.

I made a new mix today.  Scene – Skaville entering the forrest.

Christmas Eve day I lost my reading glasses.  Good thing is I had gone to the eye doctor 2 days before.  I will be getting new glasses the end of next week.

Life is easy if you let it and hard if you make it.

I love life and the setbacks in life are just learning how to flow in the love wave.