Rights of Passage

To any subculture around the world, a right of passage is passed down from the elders.

A right of passage is a test, from one generation to the next, and the test are called initiations.  The test are to see what you have learned.  The initiation is a series of test.  Each test represents a significant meaning.  When the initiate passes all the test they are then initiated into the subgroup.  The finally test is the last initiation.

A few rights of passage are – when a person is initiated into a sorority in an ivy league school, or when a young girl passes into woman hood, or when Alice in Wonderland had to find her way back home.

Life is a series of test. The elder is you. You are the parent. You are the student. You are the child. You are the teacher.

The series of test are called life’s moments.  Each moment in time you are being tested.

What is your check list of how you receive love?  The series of test are to see if you have passed the initiation.

Keep in mind to ask questions.  Self awareness is a check list of your own archetype.  An archetype is the negative side of self.  For example, do you carry the archetype of saboteur?  When you sabotage your own self away from what is good for you, because you talk your self out of things?

The check list are called goals.

3 ways of understanding – Love or Fear, Knowing or Intelligence, A seed of Inner Self, these are the titles in the book – The Infinity of Infinite Self.