Each day brings new gifts

Each day brings new gifts.

Yesterday early when the sun was coming up, I took the dog outside and stood in the back yard.  He walked over to the fence and I whistled for him to come back.

The next minute a bird landed on the Ocotillo cactus that was less than 10 feet away from me.  As I am whistling the whole time, another bird lands on the opposite side of the Ocotillo cactus.  The only tune I can whistle by memory is a marching band song :-).

In less than 30 seconds a hummingbird appears and stares at me then proceeds to suck nectar from the flowers of the Ocotillo cactus.  Then I saw maybe 4 more birds come close and one even sat on the edge of the roof of my house.

Each time I go to catch my breath the first bird starts a little chirping to follow my lead.  It was really cute :-).First time that ever happen to me.

Then I made music and put it on soundcloud.


It really is super fun making music.  The exploration in creating creates energy that echos in time. The echos live on in the vibrational ether and will be heard in the astro plane of existence.

The only thing I remember in music class in elementary is – Do Re Me Fa So La Ti Do.  This is a whole new ball game for me!!

I made another mix today https://soundcloud.com/juanita-lewis/slip-slip-pop

Slip Slip Pop is part of the background music that will be in the scene with Lulin.  She is the daughter of Fewa. The fractal family of earth.  As Lulin dances she is getting ready to shoot metal orb balls towards the bad guy.  The metal orb balls open up and metal arrows shoot out.