Touch Through the Perception of Kindness

Touch through the perception of kindness

It is very interesting to note that, when an incident happens in life, there can be like 20 + people watching the same thing at the same time.

When a report is noted to what people saw, you will find that only 1 or 2 people will have the same perception that took place.  The others will give a different variety to the incident, due to perception.

Perception plays in 2 worlds.  There is the Macro and Micro of life.  The Macro is the big picture.  The Micro is the small picture.  Depending upon perception in the macro will play a big part in defining the micro.

The Macro is defined through reflection upon perception.  The Micro are the details that define perception in a culture, within a subculture.

A subculture is a particular disease that is brought through the subconscious.  The disease is called trends.  Trends can catch on like wildfire.  Trends are the micro organisms that feed different societies.  Perception is but a trend, if society deems it to be a necessity.

Perception in a belief system will determine a persons life style.  A lifestyle is a perception of how one thinks one is, instead of who that person really is.  A trend is the next best thing if one so determines it through perception.

To follow a trend within a culture of a subculture, would be like a sheep following a sheep herder.  A person can chase trends one after the other.  When one trend ends another begins.  It is kind of like chasing dreams.  To chase dreams all of one’s life, leaves many holes of perception, of what one thought life was instead of the way life really is.

Choose trends wisely in order to fulfill perception of the connection.  The connection from the Micro to the Macro that settles within the heart.

Touching the life of another with one’s own heart, is then touching the Macro in all hearts.  Perception is like a domino effect.  Place a line of dominoes in a row each standing in front of each other. Push one towards the direction of the next.  Each one touches the next until all have been touched.