What is Wrong and Where

What is Wrong and Where

By Kachinas Kutenai

“The Body speaks in silence trying to keep each body strong.

The Mind ignores the messages ever knowing that it is wrong.

The Body once again attempts communication through our dreams.

The Mind again “erases” and continues stress-filled schemes.

Then…The Body angry, tries again to reach the Mind.

This time the message comes with pain, hurting and defined.

The Mind thinks “it will go away” by doing nothing…once a day.

The Body speaks more loudly now,

With pain more frequent the body will bow.

The Body says, “I told you so…

Months or even years ago.”

Now I force the tears to flow;

Examine the time you let my pain grow.

I am the feeling you tried to deny

And you have the nerve to ask God why

Am I hospitalized? Why am I ill?

How can I afford my hospital bill?

Ignorance only is the Almighty Answer

That causes heart disease, high blood pressure and cancer;

America’s three outstanding killer diseases,

Each grows slowly when the body displeases.

No Illness grows to life-threatening proportions

Without the mind knowing it had the options…

To obey the silent warnings the body can give…

To those who are serious about wanting to live.

To have a knowledge of herbs taken at the first warning

is to love on’es self more and avoid later mourning.

For once tissues are damaged, they are hard to repair…

Especially when doctor bills begin to glare

And fill the heart with guilty despair;

All because the mind refused to care.

Pretending erroneously not to know

What all of our bodies ultimately show..

What is Wrong and Where!!!”

Medicine Woman Speaks – A Simple Introduction To The Use of Herbs., by Kachinas Kutenal, R.N., N.D, Apache Medicine Woman.

Sacred Rainbow Circle Foundation.  San Diego, California