Bubbles start popping!!!

Bubbles start popping!!!

Ascension is ascending in the realms of humanity.  Ascension began many years before the Mayan calendar and many other calendars in human history.

The 1940’s began the wave of Indigo children.  They were and still are the trail blazers in bringing enlightenment to humanity.

Calendars are man-made concepts from prophets that send a trend throughout human history.  Calendars are labels that transcend a language from 1 or more gods or goddess.   Language of the gods can be found in the book, THE ORIGIN OF CONSCIOUSNESS IN THE BREAK DOWN OF THE BICAMERAL MIND, by Julian Jaynes.

World mythology is full of gods and goddess and all the powers they possess.  Languages are passed down from energy through the Holographical Umbilical Cord.

The indigos and many other enlightened beings bring knowledge to open minds of human beings.  Calendars are markers in time, in 3d 3rd dimension from higher dimensions, when using ancient calendars.

There has been an explosion of energy from enlightened beings since the 1940’s.  According to the Mayans and many other calendars around the world, the world was to end in 2012.  But, the misinterpretation was not physical, but the mental body of being, that actually transcended from 3d 3rd dimension to 5d 5th dimension.  The Native Americans believe in the 4d 4th dimension instead of the 5d 5th dimension.

The explosion is presented in health of the 3 bodies of being.  It is played out through technology in so many forms, it will make the mind spin of how fast technology has progressed.

If a doctor places a cap on a person’s head with wires attached and the wires are hooked up to a machine, the stimulation of visual contact will make the monitor light up like a rainbow.  The neurons are receiving visual stimulation with human eyes.  This is the person being an observer.  However, when the person is the observe perception changes, because doors within the mind are still closed.  When the doors within one’s own mind are open, is when a person can travel into 5d 5th dimension.  One avenue is through an obe.

Take 24 hours and put a blind fold over your eyes and learn to understand what you see without human eyes.  Look at a tree, then close your eyes, what do you see?  Is it from memory which is holographical non-tangibles, or do you see the energy of the neurons that are like bubbles popping; because of neuron firing, same as in the human brain?

I can be in a meditative state of being with music meditation and the world stops.  My energy is then project through an obe and the energy is felt far and wide.  I receive messages from higher sources.


Everyone must always have a purpose when going into meditation and when the mind is quiet many doors in consciousness open with ease.

Awareness is self-awareness.  Self-awareness is seeing your own energy projected inside and outside of self.  Remember physically you are in 3d 3rd dimension, but your mind is living in 5d 5th dimension.  It is the best of both worlds when you learn to say yes.