Chance of Rain today in Mesa

It is a lovely day in the land of Mesa.

Everything needs cleansing from time to time.

I will be in my very first art competition in person at the Mesa Arts Festival today.

Chance of rain 90%.  It has been raining and will continue to rain through out the day.

But, guess what – It’s all good in the neighborhood!! If it does it does, if it doesn’t it doesn’t.

The rain gives moisture to the land, keeps down the dust cause Mesa is a dust bowl, and it cleanses away toxins from mother earth.  With cool air coming it makes it crisp and clean.  Makes it kinda like having that homely feeling of growing up back east.

No snow here, I just couldn’t hang with that.  My bones love the 100 + degree weather, for real!!!  I love playing in the sunshine.  I’m just gona grab a cup of java and see what adventure in the land of Mesa has in store today.