Personal Growth in 2014

This year many doors have opened.  I have discovered more things than I ever knew existed.

Basically, I took the time to discover more than 5 senses and find the connections.  This is how the Holographic Umbilical Cord was born last year.

I teach to transcend the transparencies of cosmic consciousness. This is through the holographic umbilical cord that is connected with tentacles (fractals) to the matrix. I teach to reconnect the mind/body/emotion/spirit into 1 love – self love. Everyday is a blessing to find the personal growth of your destiny. You are LOVE.
Music is my drug of choice. It lets the spirit dance in higher consciousness and brings smiles to the heart. Music lets the spirit dance through life and to free the human body in spherical essence of love 🙂
I have always watched the world through the eyes of a child, felt the emotions of the world, hear the tones of the universe, touch the inspirations of the future, and taste the sensations of life, to awaken consciousness.

I never had an art lesson in my life.  My spirit told me it was my direction to start Fractal Animals in March 2014.  So I did in order to have illustrations for my next book.

While in the process many other wonderful things began to happen.  I wrote a couple of articles for an international Yoga EMAG.  I wrote one for October 2014 and December 2014.

I was also contacted by a radio station in Phoenix.  They wanted me to have my own radio station for spirituality.  I basically told them this year my plate is way over flowing. Perhaps next year.

Next year brings about different task.  I will be heading back to the gym for training once again.  Training – vegan body building belly dancing.  To enter competitions to promote my book.  Plus working on the book.  Entering more art competitions.  Plus learning graphic arts.  Plus learning to be a dj.  Plus working full time.  While advertising, promoting, marketing my business my self.  Plus still discovering so many things that life truly shows me the way in personal growth.

I have never learned art, it just comes natural.  I love abstract art.  I entered my first digital art a few days ago for an art contest.

Basically the clouds formed in such away that, it was like wings spread out from an angel, and the arms curved up and touched the moon.

I took the day off work today to prepare for my first in person art competition, for the City of Mesa, this coming weekend.

I look forward to when I start making pottery again.  I will open my 4th business after retirement from present trade landscaper.  I have been landscaping since 1993.  I will be making pottery again and growing organic herbs.  It will be super fun, when clients come to a one stop shop for healing.  Bountiful Blessing will be the name of my 4th business, already in the process.

The herbs will be geared towards healing in a different manner then the typical way of healing in present time.

It dawned on me the other day, when I do start learning to make music, I also want to learn how to play 3 musical instruments.  I want to attach some c-claps to a didgeridoo and at the top I will play the harmonic and have some very thin bongo’s on the sides of the didgeridoo.  It will be super fun to learn some musical instruments.  I want the highs, lows, and middle tones.

In the works for the next 2 years I will have products for sale. Example the baseball caps that ladies can lighten their hair naturally with the sun.  The hangers that save space and store valuables (undergarments) inside the hangers.  For young women that live in dorms or studio apartments.  Small spaces need compact stuff.  Also Soul Mate charts will be available.  I will also have a list of all vegan foods, vegan receipts, and herbal list.  Told my daughter the other day I will start a children’s clothing line.  On certain items of clothing will have the Fractal Animals on the clothing.  Of course my grand children will get the first batch.

Much to do.  Retirement 2023. Then life begins for the next quarter of my life.  I must have 4 books completed by the time I retire.

Everyday is a blessing.  A blessing that life brings me many packages of love in many different levels.  The spherical essence of energy creates the rainbows of life.  Life is Love, Love is Life.