We don’t come from here

Many moons ago I said to a friend, “We don’t come from here”.

We were once microbs living in water on another planet.  Another planet collided with that planet we were on and that planet broke into pieces.  Some of those pieces landed on earth.  Life began in the oceans – microbs in water.

History always repeats itself.  Many moons ago the waters were full of life.  No life on land.  As the microbs grew into fish, then fish grew legs, and through evolution fish became bi pedal – Bi pedal humans.  As the sea life reincarnates into humans, means less sea life and more humans on land.

As each fish learns its lessons it is then reincarnated into a human.  Humans that do no learn their lessons are reincarnated back into human form.

When all 12 love lessons are completed then the core being has completed its mission on earth.  Then the spirit is then reincarnated into soul.

The soul is the teacher to the spirit that is the student.  The spirit is the teacher to the human that is the student.

Reincarnation is the cocoon of transformation.

When earth is ready it to will be hit by another planet and history will repeat.  Energy is both and yet it is neither positive and negative.  Energy is the spaces in between the spaces.  Earth is solid mass – yang – male.  Water is yin female

Microbs are the contemplation of life in preform.  Energy in any species on earth that dwells in negative energy creates darkness in the astro plane of existence.  Which then creates dismantling of solid mass.  The dismantling becomes tectonic plates on planets in many galaxies.  As a planet is then becoming dismantled, it will then become un-balanced.  As it becomes slowly disintegrated it will then be hit by a meteorite.  With each hit it will then begin to break apart.  The pieces will then land on other planets.  If enough water is present life begins again.  History always repeats.  History is evolution in the power of energy.

Energy is perception. Perception that all humans believe that the human species is superior.  However, history shows all species eventually become illuminated by nature.   The human species is the last 3 species longest on earth.  Many species have yet to be discovered on earth.

When all humans can learn to have an open mind is when knowledge is known from day of birth.  To believe humans are the only species that is alive on one microb of planet, of many planets within all galaxies, within many universes, is simply too small and closed minded.

To understand ones own purpose is to understand the purposes of all species on earth, then one will know ones own purpose.

Thought to contemplate – what is purpose of dog, what is purpose of jelly fish, what is purpose of bacteria, what is purpose?  Purpose is a direction one chooses to live.  Purpose is perception. To understand every things purpose one will then know ones own purpose.