Cleanse + Protection = Wholistic Nutrition

Cleansing is done quarterly, every 3 months.

When you have completed a cleansing, you then must have protection.

Same as when you landscape and you spray weather it be with chemical or natural spray to deter weeds and pest, you must always use PPE – Personal Protective Equipment.

First, it is state law to protect yourself.  2nd it is common sense to protect your insides from chemicals outside.

Thoughts are toxic to the 4 bodies of being. 4 bodies of being – 1 Mental body, 2 physical body, 3 emotional body, 4 spiritual body. 4 bodies of being make the core of being.

Once thoughts are created it becomes the cause and effect in Universal law.

Protect the 4 bodies of being in core of being, by changing thought patterns.  Cleanse then protect.

You can do an auric protection or psychic protection.  There are many types of protection that one can use to protect the 4 bodies of being.

First cleanse then protect.  If you protect before cleansing then you are only keeping in negative bodies of being. Which is detrimental to health.

Wholistic Nutrition – Is the nutrition you put into mind/body/emotion/spirit, which then contains different levels of vibrational energies that you choose to contain inside of self.

Choose your thoughts, choose your Wholistic nutritional plan, then protect 4 bodies of being.

New day, new thought patterns, create a new world. Your choice, choose wisely.