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Cleansing is what mother nature does every 4 months.

The same goes for humans.  We must cleanse mind, body, and emotion every 4 months.

At the beginning of every season is cleansing time.

Same for plants, they need to be fed – fertilized every 4 months for most plants.  With rains, pest, and nutrients get washed away, nutrients needs to be replaced.

When doing a cleansing there are whole body cleansers at nutritional stores, for the body.  For the mind a deep meditation with a few changes in thought patterns.  For the emotions it is little more difficult.  Emotions are tender.  Anger is hurt turned inside out.

This is where a note book comes in real handy.  Each day there will be something that really bugs you.  Use the 5 w’s.  Write down when it happened, where it happened, why it happened, who it happened to, and how it happened.  Be in a room by yourself, close the door, and have a cup of water near by.

Once you do that, then crumble it up, and throw it in the trash.  Then write it down again, then crumble it up, and throw it in the trash. Do it 3 times.  Shred it if it makes you feel better.  While you crumble up your paper, say “I am sending this energy back into the universe to be recycled back into love for all those in need.

When you finish saying 3 times, wash the cup of water down the drain with the sink running.  Repeat – say ” I am sending this energy back into the universe to be recycled back into love for all those in need. Repeat 3 times.

Give blessings.

You must wash the cup with soap and water when done.

To cleanse the body and the mind is way easier then then emotions.  It will take your mind 2 weeks to change when doing this every day.  Your mind will resist change.  Who is in charge – you or your mind?  You are of course.  Because, you are love.

Play a game with your self and call it me time 😉



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