5N1 – Fractal Animals


Book 5N1, year 3050, universe #23 (Himashtuk), planet #3 (Shawaytu).

I am the process of writing my 3rd book called 5N1.

It is the continuation of my first book – The Universe is Calling You. You can find it on – http://www.smashwords.com/books/view/295113

5N1 = 5 fractal animals and 1 boy.

It is about an epic of a boy’s past, present and future life times.  Setting – 5 fractal animals are like Jiminy Cricket to the baby that is like Pinocchio.  The boy’s adventures in each life times are like Home Ward bound.  The fractal animals are shrunk like the movie – Honey I shrunk the kids; no one can see the fractal animals but the boy.

There are 60 characters for the book.  Chinese Feng Shui animals with Chinese astrology signs in fractal form.  Chinese Feng Shui 5 elements = 5 fractal animals.  Fractals are mathematical equations.  There are 17 fractal animals and the series is called Kaleidoscope meets Fractalious.   There are 5 good guy families and 5 bad guy families.  Family – Mom, dad, son, daughter.

I sketch and paint fractal animals and scenes by hand.  All my art is on website –


I listen to tons of music from the 50’s to today, from classical, heavy metal, rap, techno, psych, and everything in between.  Each vibrational tone of each note of music, gives a vibration of color.  The tones tell me what color to paint each fractal animal.  The energy comes from the person that is playing the music, writing the music, etc.  Taking that energy and the colors produces lovely works of art called fractal animals.



The year was 3050 in universe #23 (Himashtuk), planet number #3 (Shawaytu).  Shawaytu was a very peaceful and beautiful world.  On March 11, 3050 a boy was born and his name was Ashmer.  Ashmer looked just like any other boy on planet Shawaytu.  His hair was a golden blonde that seemed to shimmer when light reflected upon it.  His eyes were a crystal blue with specks of rainbow colors around the irises.

Ashmers’ parents were so happy to receive such a special gift, a child.  Ashmers’ parents had special gifts.  They only hoped that some day when they did have a child, the child would also carry this special gift.  The moment Ashmer was born both parents looked at each other then they looked at Ashmer.  They admired what a beautiful baby he was…