Scene – Traessence speaks

Scene – 5N1

boy – Ashmer, Frog – Traessence, Goldfish – Flish, Red Winged Bat – Skilif, Goat – Gowhy, Dragon – Deiod

Traessence comes from a long line of kings.  Traessence lived in two worlds where he came from.  He is a king by water and a king by land.  Traessence began to share with the group.  “The five of us have come from different dimensions, from different planets.  We each hold a special gift.  We each have a mission to guide and teach Ashmer that he also carries the same special gifts that each of us has”.

The four of them looked at him and at each other.  Questions marks started appearing on their faces.  Then the four began laughing as they saw questions marks on each other’s faces.  They began pointing and laughing at each other.

Traessence speaks in a low voice with a deep tone that sounds like wind chimes, as the ocean waves hits the rocks.  In a melody he says, “settle down because, you all are on a great mission.  You four are chosen ones out of thousands to keep the evolution of peace progressing.  To help the human species evolve”.

At that moment they all hugged each other, except Flish, who was swimming around in his water bowl.  Then all of the sudden he felt he was missing out on the hugs.  He then began flapping his flippers, trying to get a running start.  The faster they were flapping, the waves in the bowl got bigger and bigger……….

Too much fun, hahaha!!