New Years Resolution

New Years Resolution:

A new years resolution is defined in a practical down to earth concept.  It starts the day you begin a change.  Going by a human Calender instead of natures calendar, life kinda gets in the way of plans.

In order to stick to what you have decided to change in your life, you set a goal.  Too much on one’s plate will over flow and all changes exist from happening.

Every thing in life has a time limit.  You set a goal and when you achieve that goal, then set a reward.

Many times there are things in life that you fall off the wagon so to speak.  Like I fall off the nutrition wagon, or I fall off the need more than 400 crunches to reach my goal, etc.  Simply because life happens, just means we need to change time management, and expect the unexpected to happen.

When you have what is called a burning desire and it is ingrained in your heart, of things you must do to change certain aspects, you will adjust your lifestyle accordingly.

Learning life management falls in the lines of lifestyle management.

Life is what you make it.  Life is easy if you let it and hard if you make it.

Set new years resolution when you are ready for it.  My new years resolution begins different times of the year, depending upon the season.

Example: when cold out drink cold drinks, when warm out drink warm drinks.  I prefer room temperature to cold or hot drinks.  My Vedic body type can not be raw vegan, I can only be vegan and vegetarian.  For optimal health I can only have warm or room temperature foods.

My reward is the gratification that I have set a goal and accomplished that goal.  The more I learn about me, the more it helps others, which in turn helps humanity.