Parallel Universe

Parallel universe is a reality that science is now just discovering.

The human brain is but only a body part.  The human mind contains 100% consciousness.  When a human mind is open to receiving 100%, same as giving 100%, it is called the Universal Law of cause and effect.

The most intelligent human uses 10%, by societies standards in the scientific field.  What about the other 90% of open exploration?  To have an open mind is the understanding of knowledge brought forth from past lives into this life time.

The human scientific world of man-made concepts is still a baby science, compared to universal knowledge.

Science has only discovered 10% of genes within the human body.  Their theory is to discover all genes within the human body, so to be able to grow body parts from a person.  When that person then has an accident, that person will then be able to reattach body parts to the missing body part, or damaged body part.

Another concept of the air waves of the scientific world is, to know all genes within the human body, so as to be able to alter the genes, so diseases are a part of the past landscape of human history.

Point is – parallel universes are a wave of untapped future, that humans are just discovering.  When every single human being understands that mathematics are predominately the access key to opening the those untapped doors within human consciousness, is when humans will begin to understand the configurations of mathematical equations that are in sequence with the vibrations of energy called love.

Until science understands the gene that is the god neuron, that is accessed with activating your own DMT, through love.

I do this 24/7 it is the only way to be in touch with core of being.

Love is beyond human comprehension, beyond 3d 3rd dimension of earths physical realm of the human 5 senses.

Love is neither and it is both – conditional and unconditional love.  It is in between the between in the core of being.