I am working on the book 5N1.

Must always research in order for connections.

3d 3rd dimension is time/space and mass/matter. 3d 3rd dimension is the physical realm of earths existence in the human 5 senses.

Higher  – Lower – Middle self.

4d 4th dimension is the realms above 3d. It is the astro plane of existence.

For example – 4 quadrants of understanding – seek, find, conquer, and move on.

Same as The Conative Connection, UNCOVERING THE LINK BETWEEN WHO YOU ARE AND HOW YOU PERFORM, by Kathy Kolbe. – The 4 quadrants of personality.

Also, to access 4d, THE ORIGINS OF CONSCIOUSNESS IN THE BREAK DOWN OF THE BICAMERAL MIND, by Julian Jaynes.  Language of the gods in the left hemisphere of the human brain.