Perception a Unique Objective

Perception a Unique Objective

Perception of perceiving one’s own truth.  Humans have 2 visions.  1st – vision is with 3rd eye chakra, in 3d 3rd dimension of earths physical realms of the human 5 senses.  2nd – human vision with human eyes.  But, all can change with a blink of an eye.

For example – Someone can have nerve damage, or start receiving glaucoma, or maybe born blind. etc.

When one sense starts losing it’s power and strength, another sense kicks in.  1 or more senses start working in higher sense of awareness.

When this begins to happen the state of being begins to change.  It is ever so slightly that one is becoming aware of a new awareness.

For example – You may smell things you were not aware of before, or you may hear things you were not aware of before.

Awareness is always present.  Another state of awareness is one’s own archetype.  The archetype of each zodiac sign is a personality in which one is not aware, unless one is in present moment.

3d 3rd dimension is time/space and mass/matter.  Through learning the fundamental mechanics can one then be in present moment, because one is already in knowing.

The archetypal world is the negative side of self.  The basic archetype has 12 personalities.  There are 4 bodies of being in 1 core being.  In western numerology add all double digits together to make a single digit.  12 + 4 + 1 = 17 = 8.  8 + 3 = 2.  3 levels of self – higher, middle, lower = 3.  Last total 2 + 3 = 5.  The #5 is the middle of 9 digits.  9 is a prime #.  In numerology 9 is last digit.  In Hebrew Kabbalah – Sanskrit Numerology leaves out certain numbers when doing numerology.  Numerology is but one way to figure out personalities in 3d 3rd dimension.

The numbers in numerology is the same as the numbers in vibrations from rhythmic rhythms of vibrational vibrations of tones.  Each tone has a color, which then correlates to the auric zone within each chakra.  There are 7 basic chakras within the human body of physical body of being.  There are 21 chakras in 4 bodies of being in 1 core of being.

The numbers then correlate with the meridian which is then found in the flower of life.  The flower of life is the energy that lives within each energy sphere.  Numbers are universal language.  Numbers are mathematical calculation that are infinite within the subconscious of consciousness in the core of being.  This is knowledge brought forth from past life times, into present life time, in order to calculate purpose of lessons to be learned.

The subcultures of cultures are but one perception, within man-made perceptions of limitations.  It is through transcending the transparencies of cosmic consciousness, that one is aware of present moment within energy as it is, not what self perceives it to be.

In my second book I do present through scientific understanding of sec-lure education, within man made concepts of perception, of mathematical calculation how the infinity of infinite self is present.

I am now working on my 3rd book.  It is a children’s pop-up book and music will play.  It will teach values, ethic, and moral beyond human comprehension and it will be fun.

I do take regular spiritual journeys while having a human life.  Through correlating the number value upon the number line, which correlates with the musical notes of numbers on a number line, plus adding the color spectrum which is then a number in sequence of esoteric teaching, to see the middle ground.  Taking the mhz + bpm equals a vibrational number.  That number then correlates to a particular understand of knowledge.  The knowledge is then presented in the tangible world of 3d 3rd dimension of the physical realm of being.

Perception can change in the blink of an eye, unless one is aware in present moment.