Spirit in a fractal world ;-)

Spirit in a fractal world 😉

Life is amazing!!  Every day is a blessing.  I have finished sketching 50 fractal characters out of 60 fractal characters, for the book.  I will begin writing next year.  It is an epic of a boy’s life.  It is the adventures from past, present, and future life times of his life.  It is a children’s pop-up book and music will play.  Book 5N1, year 3050, universe #23, planet #3. My art is the illustrations for the book.  Setting – 5 fractal animals are guides for the baby through all his adventures.  The art is sketched and painted with acrylic paint by hand.  My art can be found on


The series is called Kaleidoscope meets Fractalious.  The fractal animals are Chinese Feng Shui animals with Chinese astrology signs in fractal form.

Characters – 17 fractal animals

5 elements of 5 fractal good guy families – mom, dad, son, daughter in each family.

5 bad guy families – mom, dad, son, daughter in each family.

Setting – Think Pinocchio and Jiminy Cricket.  Pinocchio is the baby and the 5 fractal animals are Jiminy Cricket to guide the baby. Think the movie – Honey I shrunk the kids.  The fractal animals are shrunk and no one can see them, but the baby.  Think the movie Home Ward Bound.  The 5 fractal animals and the baby’s life is adventure of past, present and future life times of the baby.  The fractal animals guide him through all his adventures.

For the first time I will be in my first art competition in person.  I live life daily to its fullest.  Life is for the living.  Just the experiences in life creates ever lasting memories.


When I am 90 years old sitting in my rocking chair I can say I did this or that, because I will have lived a full life and I enjoy what life has given me in so many ways.


I love saying – been there done that, next!!! Hahaha