Gestures of Epic Proportions

It truly blows my mind, that what ever happen to the grand gestures of epic proportions of passion!!

Back in the day the war Titanomach that lasted for 10 years, during the battle of the gods.

“Victory over his father did not come as easily to Zeus as it had to Cronus.  Having rejected his son’s claim to supremacy, Cronus called the other Titans and their children to his aid. Thus began the Titanomachy, a terrible war that would last for ten years .  To the ancient Greeks, Hesiod’s description of the battle would have seemed very real because of his reference to actual geographical features.  Zeus and his siblings based themselves on Mount Olympus, in northern Greece, and his father and his allies established themselves to the south on Mount Othrys”.

As time moved on within humanity the passion begins to dwindle.  Within recent times we have the epic portions of the label “World War 1 of World War 2, etc..

What ever happen to the passion.  Who wants to fight a war that has lost its gesture.  Even a hurricane or typhoon today has names.  Those names are labels.  Labels create emotional attachments.

Epic portions of grand gestures are the passions that create connection.  Connections to stand up, believe, and know the morals, values, and ethics that is presented beyond human comprehension.

Passion is what makes the human race a species like no other on planet earth!!!!  Were we created to let life just pass us by, by living with the passion of the negatives that rules ones own mind?  It is the perception within one’s own being to understand that life is for the living.  To live each day as it was meant to be lived.

Does the rational mind then take control in the frontal lobe of the human brain and separate the passion of human nature of being natural?  The children of today learn from what is being taught, of less passion and more rational.  Rational creates havoc within perception of one’s own perception of one’s own truth.  Havoc simply because, passion is being contained within little boxes in human consciousness of the unconscious mind.

Humans are afraid of passion, simple because they fear to be judged by their passions.  But technically, they are merely only judging their own selves.  Fear then lives within the minds of the passion of fear.  Fear is stimulated from the primordial body of being, from the underworld, from the 1st chakra, etc.  Fear is attached to earths physical realm of being.  Ones own spirit must be free to feel the passions of life.  That is it’s job!!! To keep one’s own spirit contained within a little box within ones own mind, one than can choose to go psychosomatic.  I told my doctor one day, the world is 98% psychosomatic and 2% DNA genetics.  That simply means they contain fear within fear its self, which then creates a world of chaos within one’s own mind.  2% DNA genetics is simply past life karmic baggage of lessons unlearned, and brought forth within this life time to learn, how to love self and all of self.

To find own’s own passion, is to find the loves, that one forget why one is here in this life time.  Learn to love your hates and you will receive more of the loves you deserve.  Open your mind and you will learn to love yourself, and all of you as it was meant to be.