Elements in Energy

Elements are extremely important.

Elements in world astrology stimulates from past and present life times, which then creates future life times of energy.

Elements live within the world of energy upon different dimensions in parallel universes.

For example –

Lets say everything is going great in your world that day and then slam.  Something unexpected happens.  At least to the human consciousness it is unexpected.  But honestly, you really did know it was going to happen, you were just in a different frame of mind, of mindlessness.

Actually your self that lives in a parallel dimension is living the life you want of all good, and you choose to give your power of good to your other self, so you can receive the bad in this dimension.

So if you want all the good then you must be good in this dimension of 3d 3rd dimension. That is universal law of time/space and mass/matter in 3d 3rd dimension, in earths physical realm of the human 5 senses.

Open you mind and you open your world.  You can and will connect with you if you so choose.  It is you who choose to be connected to you.  This is through tough love of learning how to love yourself and all of you.

Connection starts with purpose.  Meditation is connecting to higher self.  The deeper the meditation the deeper the connection.

The human mind will resist change.  It was trained that way.

For me connection is easy.  It is many years of practice in meditation.

Find the connection in meditation to understand the elements.  Baby steps in everything.  Took time to create the patterns you now choose as a lifestyle.  It will take time to incorporate a new understanding of elements as they were meant to be understood.