Art competition @ Mesa Arts Festival

Creativity is my forte.  I sleep, eat, breath everything in the art world since March 2014. I am on a very big challenge to challenge my self and see what I can do.  To be the best I am at what I do.  Each item I set my mind to is a challenge. Each challenge is but a way to get over, under, around that brick wall.  I spend about 50 hours a week on my art, while working a 40 hour a week job since March 2014.

Brick walls are obstacles that each human being has chosen to put up within one’s own mind.

Many of life’s adventures are only challenges to overcome.  Since I moved to 13 different states by the time I was 13 years old, and went to 13 different schools.  I was told I was a slow learner.  So they sent me to speed reading class. Of course I was mad.  But, guess what, hahaha. Now everyone sees that I talk fast, text fast, do things fast and I get to the end result while others are still 10 steps behind.  They told me I was to slow and so they got what they wanted, haha.  It’s kinda cool when you watch foreign films and there are subtitles and others can’t keep up with the words.  So I watch the movie and read the script at the same time, so others can keep up.

They also told me I was dyslexic and I wrote with my left hand.  I was told when I was young it was wrong.  I listened for many years thinking that adults knew best.  As I got older I learned, they really have no ideal what they were talking about, because they were of closed mind.

It’s really super cool when others perceive though judging you have something wrong with you.  Simply because they are afraid of their own inadequacies of challenges they have yet to discover in their own self.  These are the challenges in life that one can so choose to overcome.

The wonderful thing is they can judge, but guess what, it is super fun to be able to see things backwards, and I can draw upside down.  I draw upside down, because it is easier.  I show people to draw upside down is easier and then turn it up right side up and it looks the same.  As if it were right side up, as if it was the way I drew it in the first place.  Life is really cool like that, hahaha 😉

I took one class in college called 3 dimensional design in the late 80’s.  We painted in the class.  After about a week into the class, the instructor came to me and said I should be a city planner.  I thought does that mean, he thinks my art is to organized, and I would not be a good artist.  I told my mom about a week ago, like 20 years after the fact, hahaha, I gota lot on plate!!  She said he was just saying that I am a natural and there was nothing he could teach me.  Well if I would have known that back then, things just might be different, but oh well, that life, hahaha.  I have always been extremely shy till this year.  I’m working on getting over my shyness, it is one of my personal growth challenges. So that is just one of things I never mentioned to anyone.

One of the super cool challenges that I am working on since September is the city art competition. What makes it so cool, is I never took an art lesson in my life.  It has been a dream to be in a city art competition for 15 years.  The first time I entered a city art competition I was told they could not judge my art and they would have to change the rules.  That’s not fair.  So practice is like my middle name.  To overcome the challenges of what others call by labels – dyslexia.  They can keep their labels it means nothing to me.  All I know is art is all about fun!!  Abstract art is fantastic!!!

Spirit in 3 Funnels.

Spirit in 3 Funnels.

You have to pass 2 judging to be in the city art competition.  To just be accepted felt like I actually made it to the big leagues.  I take my sketch book where ever I go.  If takes more than 30 minutes to sketch it is too long.  When I sketch my sketch book constantly moves on the table. It basically slides around the table as I move it. I draw upside down, sideways, upright, diagonal, every way you can draw.  I want all angles, different lightening, different atmospheres, and everything that particular piece can capture.  When I paint it is under a blue light.  The other day one of my co-workers said, most people walk around with a bible or a book, but you walk around with a coloring book, hahaha!! Jokesters, you gota love em, hahaha.

Every sketch and painting stays on my art site.  When I am ready they will then go and live in the book when it is written.  Book 5N1, year 3050, universe #23, planet #3.  The book is about an epic of a boys life.  It is the adventures of his past, present, and future lives with fractal animals.  The fractal animals are Chinese Feng Shui animals with Chinese astrology signs in fractal form.  The series of fractal animals are called – Kaleidoscope meets Fractalious.

Fractal Rabbit

Fractal Rabbit