Extrovert or Introvert = Perception

Extrovert or Introvert = Perception

Outward Extrovert

Aries, Gemini, Leo, Libra, Sagittarius, Aquarius.

Inward Looking – Introvert

Taurus, Cancer, Virgo, Scorpio, Capricorn, Pisces.

Introvert – Happy alone at home small groups and good listener.

Extrovert – Enjoy company of others and feels lonely and unhappy only have themselves for company.

Introvert – what the world has done to me.

Extrovert – what I have done to the world.

Baby steps in healing is learning the opposite of perception of one’s own beliefs.  Putting the shoe on the other foot so to speak.  Instead of saying why is this happening to me.  Say what am I to learn from this.  This is growing in personal growth of emotional maturity.

Learning starts in the primordial body of being in the first chakra, base chakra.  Moving through each chakra is moving into one moment in time when the emotional body of being is stuck at a moment of childhood.  The adult grows in mental body and physical body, but the emotional body is stuck at a particular time and space of childhood.  Until one grows through the pain of past moments, one will never grow into maturity in the emotional body of being.  Therefore, one is stuck in one of the 7 chakras in the physical body of being.

Each astrology sign has a tendency to certain aliments of sickness and disease, simply because childhood pains have a toxic effect on the whole body of being of past karmic debt.  This debt stimulates from past lives and present life time.

Medical astrology is only one aspect of healing.  There are literally tons of healing that can do more than treat, but actually cure aliments, diseases, so on and so forth.  I think a medical intuitive is really fascinating, it is my list of things to learn.  In the mean time I am a Master life coach, among many other certs and such.

Learning is absolutely fascinating to me when my teacher is nature.  Nature stimulates from the origins of cosmic consciousness.

Each astrology sign is karmic debt in this life time.  Each astrology sign has an archetype.  Each archetype is the negative side of self.  The negative side of self is the emotional body of being of past life times of childhood pain.  Each archetype is tough love of lessons to learn in this life time, of how to love self in present lifetime.

Each astrology sign has one lesson to learn and one lesson to teach in each life time.  Those 2 lessons are the prime reason for purpose in this life time.  Till one truly understands self, self will never really understand others, because self does not understand self.

Healing is a 2 way street.  Universal law states one of many laws, such as cause and effect.  Become a boom a rang of the loves you deserve.

If you want love and respect, etc. you then must be love and respect.  Your cosmic pattern of human behavioral pattern is a pattern of a worn path of patterns.  Change mind set and your world will change.

The universal laws state – if you so choose to stay on your path of life, chi will change that.  In the blink of an eye your world changes through the negative side of life, simply because you are in a worn path of patterns.  Beating a path to dead is the same as beating your head against the wall, you will receive a migraine.  Migraines hurt, so why give yourself one, makes no sense to me what so ever.

Baby steps, change patterns 1 at a time of what you want to be different.  Took time to make a pattern, takes time for it to stick and become a new pattern.

You choose your pattern and you choose your lifestyle.

What lifestyle floats your boat?