Backdrops of Synchronicity

Time is truly a tricky item in 3d 3rd dimension.

Time must be precise within and out of perception within any given moment.  I quit frequently tell people, you have impeccable timing.  The synchronicity of life is sometimes like watching a domino race.  It’s really super cool when dominoes have races!!

To win a race is by timing.  Synchronicity also falls in the line of backdrops.  Backdrops are the setting in the background that usually goes into the subconscious mind.  The timing of backdrops as a new item comes into play creates synchronicity at its finest.

Backdrops aka presentation in any setting.  Backdrops can create tranquility or chaos.  It is only a matter of flavor (taste) within one’s own perception, as to if backdrops are dark or light.  It is simply a matter of choice.

For example – you are hanging out at the zoo and a rock band (backdrop) comes up playing music, while all you wanted to do was watch the animals.

Or – you are sitting at a red light and all the sudden a clown (backdrop) comes up passing out blow up balloons to give you a happy day.  All the while your mind is on hurry up to get somewhere because my kid has a school play.

Anything that comes into your perception that you were not prepared for is a backdrop.

Each backdrop you have a connection of an emotion.  That emotional connection stops progress.

Progress is to let that connection flow in and out of you without the pit stop of an emotion.  If the emotion is bringing joy, that joy is then shared with others through a smile.  If the emotion is bringing sadness, that sadness is then shared with others through a frown.  However, if the connection is seeing that it is synchronicity, as though everything is as it was meant to be, then the flow of chi is in synchronicity.

When one’s own mind is out of present moment is when synchronicity slows or stops.

Watching life unfold is watching the synchronicity of life play out like a play right before your all awareness.  Back drops are the portions of timing, that one (self) is chi for your awareness.  It is your energy that is played out for you as a backdrop of a boom-a-rang, that is timed with synchronicity that you choose through karmic debt or credit.

Life is like a flowering rainbow of colors.  The flower is life – the colors are emotions – life is perception of one’s own perception of perceiving one’s own truth.