Thyroid replacement

My doctor in the Navy discovered I had hyperthyroidism 16 years ago.  He told me to go to my regular doctor and get it checked.  My thyroid on both sides of my neck stuck out 3 inches on each side.  My regular doctor told me I needed to have them removed it is was going to kill me.

I refused for 1 1/2 years.  I thought how could they have any right to take one of my body parts and I was mad.  There must be another way.  Finally I said okay.  I was sent to the emergency room to drink radio active iodine to disintegrate my thyroid.

For 14 years after that day I basically lived on synthroid and many other thyroid replacements that were synthetic.  But nothing seemed to work.  I was worse off then before my thyroid went bad.  I then received 5 other diseases when that day happened.

I became hypothyroidism, chronic fatigue, osteopenia, fibromyalgia, and menopause all at the age of 35 years old.  For 14 years I listened to the doctors thinking they knew what was best.  I only became worse.  So I did my own research.  After 14 years I finally discovered a natural thyroid replacement called armour.  I have been on armour thyroid replacement for 2 years now.  I finally feel like I have my life back that was stolen from me 16 years ago.

I tell everyone, the older I get the younger I will become.

In the last 2 years I take my natural medication, supplements for immortality, and became full vegan.

I use to hate life, but now I love life!! I love it more every single day that I am given the gift of life.

You never really know how much you appreciate a body part until it is taken away from you.

Came across an article this am and it needs to be shared.  The thyroid is part of the immune system.  Years ago only 1 in 8 children received cancer because of immune system displacement (out of sync with self).  The last few years it is now 1 in every 4 children globally.  Soon it will be 1 in every 2 children globally.  Studies are becoming staggering across the world of thyroid disease.  Disease = dis ease of whole body of being.

I had to visit my doctor every 3 months for 14 years to have my blood work check.  I got sick and tired of wasting time, money, and energy and took my own health in my own hands.  Did my research and now I tell my doctor what kind of medication I need and the strength.  I have now had the same medical doctor with an MD behind his name, for 10 years now.  I am teaching him holistic healing as the way it was meant to be given.

He is now learning that when I took control of my life, I now visit him only 1 time a year, which is the way it should be.  I in turn now am slowing the process of my osteopenia, and the other disease that my body decided to collect.

A disease is basically a wake up call to change life style.  I know through all the experience and education of school and life I will be the best Traveling Metaphysician to travel the world and touch the hearts of children.  Because, they are our future generation.

It is not very often that something truly inspires me that moves me.  But the article I came across to day gave me once again a flood of emotions that the world needs to know about.

This year alone, there was an article of babies being born without brains in Washington DC. But that is another topic for another day.