Spirit dances within energies

Holographical Umbilical Cord

Holographical Umbilical Cord

Trade Mark – Holographical Umbilical Cord

I painted in 2013

I started painting fractal animals in March 2014, because my spirit told me it was time to change course.  I entered my first art competition in July 2014 and I won with Fractal Goat.  The art exhibit ran online in August and September 2014.


Fractal animals come from the book I am writing – Book 5N1 Universe #23, planet #3, year 3050.  Series – Kaleidoscope meet Fractalious.  The book is a children’s pop-up book and music will play.


My art is self taught, it is abstract from a different place and time, on a parallel universe.

I will be in my first art competition in person, December 13th and 14, 2014


Art is the essence of energies from entities that share spherical vibrations.

Spirit dances within energies that shine in 3d 3rd dimension, on earths physical plane of existence in the human 5 senses.

Life is Love, Love is Life!

Life is Love, Love is Life!