Sanctuary – Sanctity of Tranquility

Through out human history sanctuary is considered a sacred place.

Finding a sanctuary place on earth is easy to find in a book called –

Mythology – The Illustrated Anthology of World Myth and Storytelling.

Many moons ago, someone asked me, what do you want for Christmas, I said this book.

The stories, the pictures, the colors, and the energy that comes from different cultures around the world are fantastic!!!

To understand what sanctuary means in many cultures around the world, is to step into their world.

Sanctuary around the world is connection through energy that brings life.

To visit your own sanctuary is to just make a short trip inside of your self.  It is a wonderland of energy you have provided for you.

Sanctuary starts with peace of mind in the mental body.  Then travels down the road called the physical body of being.  Then slips into the world of the emotional body of being.  The collections of all the energies of those 3 bodies of being are then stored, into the spiritual body of being, for future reference in the next life time.

Sanctuary is but merely a place of sanctity of tranquility.  Tranquility is the same as – AKA – where you hang your hat is your home, or a different flavor of thought, home is where your heart is.  A house is just a house when the heart is not home.

What is your spark that leads you on the road to your tranquility?