Sea Foam Green

Today is seafoam green puff paint.  The first time I saw the majic that puff paints do, I was in a world of WOW!!!  Puff paints make everything 3D.

In the land of chakras – green is the heart chakra.  It is the 4th chakra of the human body.

There are many different types of meditations and yogas to activate the heart chakra.

It is the subtle energies of consciousness that lives within each chakra, which is then activated through the emotional body of being.

I fell in love with the world of puff paints!!!

Look at the world from a different light.  Look at the world from within.  Look at the world with a new pair of eyes, the third eye chakra.

We all have human 5 senses, but sometimes one of those senses are taken away, because we become mindless.

Anyone that only uses one sense (human eye) too much, universal energy will take it away.  It is to teach – to much or too little of anything will create – unbalance within the 4 bodies of being.

This is called tough love.  It is tough for you to learn how to love all of you.

From time to time I do practice walking in the dark in my house.  Simply because I want to understand what it would be like if I were to ever become blind.  To me its kind of like preventive maintenance.  I want to be prepared, so if the situation may arise, it will be less of a shock.

I do practice with all my 5 senses and I do it through still mind meditation.  I do love 936mhz meditition.  After meditation certain energies are then awake and awareness is then open.  Which then gives me a direction, to see which color is then the vibration of a particular energy needed within each painting.

Each swirl of fractal in the power source painting, sends energy of seafoam green, among many other colors.  In the swirls of fractals lives the energy of color.  The colors are the vibrations of life.  Each person chooses which color they bring into life through the emotional body of being in the world of attachment.

Instead of saying I do like this or I don’t like this.  Try on a new flavor and say I like this, but I prefer that.  Habits take time to perfect within the world of consciousness.  And guess what, it will take just as long if not longer to break a habit, the more someone is into a beaten path of stubbornness to break a habit, hahaha!!!

So what is your flavor of color today 😉