Wonderment of Innocence

stars 11 17 2014


Step back in time for just a moment.  It’s a beautiful day outside, you are very young, and you look out the window as a new day is emerging on the scene called life.  As your mind begins to wonder, where do all the stars come from, as they are fading away as the sun begins to peak over the horizon.  You have wonderment of innocence, as you are amazed as all the little stars begin to fade away, because the light becomes so bright from the new sun.

Each day we live in a world of wonderment of innocence same as you, when you were young.  When you were young the world told you how things work.  They work by telling you to put away childish things that do not help you progress in the world.  The world of tangibles like money, for some odd reason you begin to believe what all the grown-ups say.  That everyday wonderment slowly disappears, same as those stars when you were young.

This is what children around the world begin to believe as they lose their innocence of wonderment.  The years roll by and in the blink of an eye you are much older.  The stars no longer speak to you, because, your heart can no longer hear them.  Your heart is all grown up now.  Because, you are all grown up now you begin to fill your mind with what if games.  The only – what if I did this could I change the past and make it better now, and  maybe my job will get better, or maybe my marriage will have a new life of happiness, etc.  The what if game in one’s own mind take control, because the world said let go of the wonderment.

People are all grown up and they forget about the wonderment of innocence.  In a child’s mind it is important those little questions that need answered with love.  When a child sees and is told that all the stars for example, are scientifically explained, all the wonderment and innocence begins to fade.  The disconnection has begun.  As the child then grows up the innocence is lost in the world they live in called society.  This is the world of hustle and bustle of the business world.  Sure the child is an adult now and does what society tells that child to do, because that child is now an adult.  Now a product of society, basically a drone, basically a disconnection of heart from the world of wonderment and the toys are put away and replaced with responsibilities.

Do those responsibilities basically kill wonderment?  This is the moment that many will choose substance in life, because responsibilities become over whelming.   That child inside each and every single adult did not get their needs filled of the wonderment, in order to grow in personal growth.  In the world of adults substance, is then what is called a bad thing, simply because it turns into an addiction.

The question then remains.  If a child is able to keep wonderment alive at the same time understanding the world of morals, values, and ethics in the adult world of responsibility, would then the child have a chance to grow in personal growth, in the direction of that own child’s purpose as a spiritual being in this life time?

Bottom line – when you look at a child, do you see that child’s heart of wonderment and innocence, so that child can grow in happiness or responsibilities the way you see life?