Psychedelic Sunday

power source 001-001

Power Source

I noticed since I was a very young child, the interconnectedness of all is color.  When you are a kid you look through a kaleidoscope and you turn the tube to make the colors move.

In nature colors changes with trees, animals, clouds, and everything that is natural.  The changes come about through the elements of microbes.  Each microbe within fibers make eye candy in the kaleidoscope world.

The ultimate best part is when colors dance and sing, etc.  Such as costumes, etc.

A natural meditative state of being is in the kaleidoscope world.  In a meditative state of being the kaleidoscope music (psychedelic music) plays rich rhythmic beats of vibrations.  It is the world that one can active ones own dmt naturally.

The dmt is 5 chemicals up from core.  DMT is called the god neuron.   To do this you must understand, to activate dmt is through natural substance called meditation.  Any un-natural substance that is man made will have long term side effects in which most will then collect a substance abuse.  Technically a substance abuse is thus chasing a dream of an un-natural high.  Bottom line any type of substance – man made drugs or thoughts – will have ultimate repercussions of side effects, that will have long lasting un-healthy benefits that will turn into a chronic disease.  No rocket science there!!!

Bottom line – to exist in the natural highest state of being in one’s own highest state of existence, is to step into ones own core of being and find ones own colors.  The colors are the emotional body of being, which then illuminates out of core and flows through the chakras, and illuminates the world outside of self called the auric zone.

I have been meditating since I was very, very young.  To me the colors of life are always dancing.  I see the vibrations of tones that stimulate from music, people, buildings, anything in 3d 3rd dimension.  I guess that’s why when I got my last aura picture 4 years ago, the lady told me – what ever you are doing keep it up, because all your chakras are open and have you ever thought about being a healer.  I said no, but why not, hahaha!!

Keep chakras open really is a piece of cake.  Just have to learn about your own self in order to release the energy of toxins that 98% stimulate from one’s own mind in the subconscious of consciousness.  Perception of perceiving one’s own truth will stimulate the emotional body of being, which will then have the after effects called auric colors.

It is called the universal law of cause and effect.  Really simple, when you discover the universal laws that are natural in 3d 3rd dimension, of earths physical realms of existence in the human 5 senses.

It is super fantastic to watch all the colors of life dance right before your eyes!!! Sure everybody lives in the world of “have to make a living to survive” – but really in reality who wants to dwell on that, really where is the fun in that.  Bottom line if it’s not fun what is the point!!!  Dwelling is stagnant Chi and the universe says – stop that and behave yourself.  If you don’t I will give you something to really think about.  Then low and behold, guess what you just got sick.  Point – keep that energy flowing, it is natural and mandatory in 3d 3rd dimension,

Learn what makes your heart smile, what makes your heart dance, and when you do, you let your spirit come out to play.  Find the colors in your realms of existence.  Stop caring about you letting you be you, that is what you are suppose to do in 3d 3rd dimension.  Stop caring what other people think of you.  They are not in control of your destiny – only you are.  These are the facts presented from the universe to you.  The universe is called energy.  Let your energy flow in the realms of color which has been activated through your own dmt.

Technically the only rules of color is within ones own mind of consciousness.  I enjoy all the flavors of color.  Color dances constantly in meditation through meditation music.  Each beat is a tone of fractal color.  A fractal color is a combo of several colors.  Which stimulates from core.

As I am painting Power Source while listening to psychedelic music, it is a meditative state of being.  It is self letting self be at one with self.  Take time for your own self so that you can find your colors.  Still mind means stop thinking and just let the energy flow from you through you, out of you and then it comes back to you, and flows through you again.  The constant flow of energy is the colors that come from your own DMT, that you have created.

Still mind meditation is just that – still mind – stop thinking and just feel the energy.  The minute a thought comes in your head, just say stop and go back to being.  STOP DOING AND START BEING!!!!