Back drop of time

I heard this song, and my heart just spoke.

The back drop of time,

is where we find,

the sea of emotions that are left behind.

Can you see the dying light that once stood behind the bleachers?

The epic time that once lived of paths that flow into now

The sea of energy that lights your day when it is night,

Time is but an energy,

We hold so dearly in our hearts,

Of yesteryear,

Then we look in the mirror.

Where has time gone.

The back drop flows to far behind,

Was it just a dream or a reality of you and me?

I guess your heart flowed to me,

When time was young,

And we could see, time was only you and me.

Can you still hear the waves of the sea,

That called you to me?

The sea of love once lived in the back drop of time,

That was destined to find, two hearts that became one

In yesteryear so long ago, that was once a beautiful world,

That I was so lucky to find a heart to call mine,

As we intertwined two energies in land and sea,

And the earth stood still, at that brief moment.

When I kissed you heart and you kissed mine.

The back drop of time is but only a memory,

In the sea of emotions left behind.

I still hear your heart from time to time.

I send you love where ever you may be,

I wish you petals of love,

Where ever you lay your head at night.

Always remember no matter where you are,

The stars are our blanket, yours and mine,

And the moon is our night-light.

Love is but a memory that will always live

With only two hearts as one

in back drop of time,

is where we find,

the sea of emotions that are left behind.



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