Lovely Friday

It is a lovely Friday in the realms of the western world 🙂

I have taken the day off work to mentally prepare.  I am listening to

while painting Power Source.

The whole point of meditation in any form of meditation is to have a purpose.  My purpose is personal growth on a daily basis, simply because there is no such thing as yesterday nor tomorrow.  Yesterday is simply karmic baggage left over and learning how to progress in personal growth today.  Tomorrow is but a thought of wishful thinking.  It floats around in the brain and can make one insane, when one is unaware of the path that one has chosen.  It is the present moment that many miss out on in life, 3d 3rd dimension.

To ponder, is but to only ask a question through higher self within higher self.

Thought for the day –

To transcend the transparencies of cosmic consciousness, within the confines of the fundamental mechanics that life presents before human eyes; to what direction should the energy of my being flow and for what purpose?  These are but simple thoughts within the complexities of infinite self.

In a discuss I had with my mother this am, I want to help her to understand life in present moment.  In the scientific world the only proof science sees is through double blind studies in a control environment.  But in nature the controlled environment is controlled by natural forces that are blind to human eyes, simply because their minds are closed to possibilities.  To control anything is basically trying to be the parent, in which we all know, no one wants to be told what to do.  We all must earn respect, we can never demand respect.  It is the same in nature as in the human mind set of the unseen world within consciousness of the intangibles.

These are simple conversations that I have with my mother so that she receives a new awakening of present moment, that has now opened another door within consciousness.

The keys are the questions that open the doors once closed in consciousness.  When you find the correct keys, it is because you have found the correct questions.  The keys fall into the category of the 4 quadrants of understanding.

Back to meditation to prepare.  I love art!!! hahaha 😉

Have a wonderful day in the land of possibilities 😉