My first art booth

Friday 14th 2014, is going to be a big day for me in the land of art.  It will be my very first art booth in person.  Very nervous of course.  It will be a trial run for next months art competition.

In the early 90’s I entered a city art competition.  After two weeks I was told, they could not judge my art and would have to change the rules.  Only thing I thought is that’s is not fair.

So I did my research.  Any art competition that is put on by any city nation wide is connected to the art guild.  The art guide is the big leagues when it comes to the art world!!!  They are the art critics in the art world.  They know what type of brush you use, what kinda strokes you use, what number the brush is, if you paint hard or soft, the list goes on.  It is like the world of Leonardo Da Vinci, Picasso, and all the greats.

So I was determined to be a city art competition.  I use to make pottery many years ago and always wanted to have one of those big statues in front of one of those office buildings.  To be able to have one of your pieces in front of a building is a dream come true.

I got away from art for many years, until my spirit told me in March 2014 it is time to draw and paint fractal animals.  I really had no ideal what in the world a fractal animal was, let along make one.  I listen to tons of music, more then most humans. I threw away my tv over 6 years ago, it was a waste of time for me.

I entered My first art competition on line in July and I won.  I won with Fractal Goat.  It ran on line from August through September 2014.

When I listen to the music it is music meditation.  On one particular day I was listening to music and I picked up a pencil and started sketching.  I began sketching my first Fractal animal named Tressence.  Tressence is a Fractal Frog.  Fractal animals are a combo of Chinese Feng Shui animals and Chinese astrology signs in fractal form.  There are 17 animals in all and the series is called Kaleidoscope meet Fractalious.  It is truly the most fun I have ever had creating these animals by hand!!!

One day in September my mom tells me there is an art competition for the city and you should check it out.  I thought why bother, they will just say the same thing, because to me people are not ready for my art.  The art is basically for the book.  Just having a ton of fun making them.  So I entered and believe me I was so excited when I got notice I was excepted in October 2014!!!

So each day I have always grown in personal growth to be better person than I was the day before.  Finally after 20 years a dream came true to be in a city art competition.  Even if I don’t win first place, in my heart I know I did cause I finally made it to the big leagues 🙂  I never had an art lesson in my life and I will be up against professionals, probably with years of experience.

I just hope everybody sends me wishes of good luck and thank you.  Blessings 🙂

When 2014 is over art will get put on the back burner, so I can get back into training and a vegan lifestyle 🙂